I stumbled across a short video called "see what happens to you when you only drink water" which listed a whole load of bunch of benefits from drinking water alone. Recognising that I probably drink far too little water I decided to take on the challenge.


You can follow my progress on my facebook page by using the links below.

Would you be able drink only water for 1 month? How long could you do it? What would you miss the most. If you like this or what I`m about then please like, share and comment on my Great Local Produce facebook page.

Day 1 - A modest start

Day 2 - Success continues

Day 3 - Starting to appreciate water more as a drink.. not that I have any choice ;-)

Day 4 - I`m surprised I`m not climbing the walls

Day 10 - I think on day 6 the wheels came off a little...

Day ? - Lost count of the days but looks like 5 is the most I can do

The final conclusion